Dashboard Settings

The Marketplace Health Dashboard uses industry standards to measure performance and to display key metrics to measure success. Kahuna by default sets the values for each of our marketplace customers but allows for customization against what is viewed, what the arrangement of your metrics is and how your marketplace is being measured.

You can access those settings by either navigating to the settings section in your main menu or selecting “Dashboard Settings” from the Marketplace Health Score information window.

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Rearrange Dashboard Sections

Kahuna groups your KPIs into 5 specific sections. If you’d prefer to view those KPI groups in different orders, you can adjust that order in this section. For instance if Marketplace Value is more important than Listings you can adjust their placement to show one above the other.


First, navigate to the section showing my different panels. Then select the Listings box and drag it below the Marketplace Value box. This updates the dashboard view by to moving the KPI tiles.


Saving is required for any changes to take effect.

Customize Metric Names & Health Score

The key KPIs on your Marketplace Health dashboard represent the most important metrics for your marketplace. By default Kahuna will define the names of these KPIs as well as their effect on your overall Marketplace Health score. This section allows you to change the display name of the KPIs on the Health Dashboard as well as adjust how they affect your Health score.





The default Kahuna metric name.  This name can not be changed and is used throughout Kahuna to measure performance and display other charts/tables.


This is the display name for your KPI.  Changing this name will change the display name shown on your Marketplace Health Dashboard.

Changing this name will ONLY change the KPI tile display name.  We currently DO NOT supporting changing the display name on charts and tables or using custom titles in filtering, campaigning or any other tool within the Kahuna platform.


If this box is selected, then the KPI tile will be shown on your dashboard.  If you deselect this box, you will no longer see that specific KPI tile on your dashboard.

Fields to Customize your Health Score

Use in score

If this box is selected, then this KPI will be used to calculate your Marketplace Health Score.  If you deselect this box, this metric will not be used in any score, but can still be displayed.

Weight (1-3)

If a KPI tile is being used in your score, than you are required to select its weight.  We provide a rating scale of 1-3. You can think of this scale as 1:Very Important, 2:Average, 3:Less Important


The goal field is used to measure 100% achievement.  You should input here what your daily goal for this KPI is.  If you consistently are passing 100% on your score we suggest revisiting your goal settings and readjusting.


The floor should be used to establish a 0% goal achievement.  By default Kahuna will set this metric to 0 and lock the field.

Changing Floor : To change your floor setting, unlock the field by selecting the lock icon on the right side of the field and input a new value.  We recommend that you think of what you would like your scale of 0-100 should be when adjusting your floor.

Save Settings

No changes made above will go into effect unless you select SAVE in the top right hand corner of the settings page.

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