How to use MailChimp templates in Kahuna campaigns?

  1. Log into the MailChimp account that is synced with Kahuna
  2. Enter your custom HTML into MailChimp and save it as a template. While it is possible to create custom HTML emails in the Kahuna email composer, it is a best practice to create a custom email template from MailChimp.
  3. If you choose to use a MailChimp email template, follow these steps when creating a template to ensure that your template is conducive to using Kahuna most effectively:
    • In the MailChimp Dashboard, click on Templates
    • Click on Create Template 
    • Select the type of template you wish to create 
    • Edit the template as you wish. In order to make use of Kahuna’s events and attributes, include Merge Tags in your email. Merge Tags are placeholders that you can populate with Kahuna Attributes in the Campaign Creator. To add a Merge Tag, click on the pull-down menu labeled Merge Tags and either select one from the list or select “Open Cheatsheet”, which explains various existing merge tags. The screenshot below is an example of a template using Merge Tags ( such as *|FNAME|*)   
    • To preview the template, click “Enter Preview Mode”. Once you are satisfied with your template, click “Save and Exit”
  4. In the Kahuna Campaign Creator, select the desired MailChimp template for the campaign from the pull-down menu below.
  5. Fill in the template with Kahuna attributes as pictured below. If the attribute does not exist for a particular user, choose to leave the field blank or display alternate text. 
  6. Continue with the rest of the steps to create an email campaign
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