The reach estimator

How do I know if anyone will receive my pushes?  Which campaign filters should I use to maximize reach?

These questions are addressed in part by the Reach Estimator in Kahuna campaigns. 

1) Head to the Campaign Creator, and select your desired Campaign

2) Select your Campaign Filters

3) Click "Get Estimate" to approximate how many users will receive your campaign!

When selecting a Push or Email only campaign the reach estimator will return results based on push enabled users or users with email credentials who are still opted in.

For multi-channel campaigns the results will be the combined sum of the different messaging channels selected.

When you run a reach estimation on a campaign export you should see all users regardless of their reach status.

Please note that the Reach Estimator is in fact an Estimate, not an exact value.  By the time the message is sent to each user, the user could no longer meet the selected criteria for the campaign, have opted out, or uninstalled.  The Reach Estimator also specifies the date to which the information is accurate.

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